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The First Gold Sovereign
January 11, 2024
Annual Silver Price Movements
February 12, 2024
central bank gold vault
Country Gold Reserves Map

Central Bank Gold Reserves by Country

The map shows central bank Gold reserves by country. Auronum updates the map each quarter with data as given by the World Gold Council. Gold is only counted if it is held by that country's central bank, Gold held in private hands or below ground resources is not included

Several caveats should be considered when assessing the map, the US national Gold reserves is contended, with many industry analysts believing it is overstated. Chinese central bank Gold reserves is considered to be underreported, consensus in the West is that China has more Gold than is declared

Iran's national Gold holdings is given at 90 tonnes, but this figure is a guide because Iran does not declare their Gold holdings. The 90 tonne figure was the last reading offered in 2014, not update has been provided since

UK Gold reserves hold at 310 tonnes, slightly higher than what was seen after the famous Brown's Bottom Gold sales

Central Bank Gold Figures

Countries With no Gold Reserves


Not all countries have their own Gold reserves. Some countries with no data on the national Gold reserves map above have no data for this reason, these countries include:


In the 1960s Canada had over 1,000 tonnes of Gold but had been a seller through the decades. Official data shows this position had shrank to 3.4 tonnes by 2003. the Bank of Canada and Finance Department confirmed in 2016 that Canada had sold off its remaining Gold holdings through the issuance of Gold coins. Despite being a rich nation with its own large Gold mining industry, Canada now has no national Gold reserves


Norway has a sovereign wealth fund but it is not believed that this contains physical Gold. Norway sold 16 tonnes in January 2004 but has some Gold bars for exhibition purposes


The national bank held 13.12 tonnes in 1999 but data shows this was sold by 2001 to give the country no official physical Gold reserves


Despite having its own Gold mining industry, foreign reserve data shows that Azerbaijan made a purchase of 20.02 tonnes in 2013, taking its reserves to 30.17 tonnes. However, since 2017 Gold has not featured on the list of foreign reserves for the country

Costa Rica

A country with its own Gold mining industry but no reported physical Gold reserves within its central bank


A small Latin American country with no Gold reserves








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