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Gold Bullion

Buy Gold 50g Bars


T he Gold 50g bullion bar is a suitable choice for investors that prefer Gold bars that offer slightly lower premiums that the smaller 1oz bars but without needing to sink as much funds into a 100g Gold bar investment. The 50g Gold bar is a popular size for investors that deem 1oz bars to be too small but two 1oz Gold bars are more than what is required

All 50g Gold bars sold by Auronum are guaranteed authentic are from London Good Delivery refiners. The bars are all struck to a minimum of 999.9 fineness and are available in a minted finish which usually is struck to a proof-like finish, or the bars can be poured with a cast bar style. Both types of 50g Gold bar contain the same purity of Gold, with no bar being superior to the other however some investors will happily pay a premium to secure minted bars because they have a more refined and attractive appearance


Weighing 1.6oz, the Gold 50g bar is an excellent choice when a standard 1oz Gold bar is not enough, but two 1oz bars are too much


50g of Gold is 1.6oz, given the larger size of a 50g Gold bar, it typically trades with a lower premium which means it is available at a lower price per gram. This is why larger Gold bars appeal to investors who want to buy the lowest premium Gold possible

The 50g Gold bar is, at today’s Gold price, still in reach of many retail investors. Larger bars are a little trickier to sell as lower capitalized investors are priced out of the market. This makes the 50g Gold bar a ‘happy medium’ option as it is large enough to secure a low premium over its melt value but is not too large to make selling the bar difficult in the future

This consideration will become evermore important as the Gold price continues to rise. Auronum has a buyback guarantee on any Gold 50g bars sold through our website, the price on screen is a live indicative price which can be locked by contacting our Trade Desk

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