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Gold -0.37%
£1,902.30 oz
Silver -0.51%
£24.87 oz
Platinum -1.08%
£831.13 oz
Gold -0.37%
£1,902.30 oz
Silver -0.51%
£24.87 oz
Platinum -1.08%
£24.87 oz

Buy Gold Coins

Gold Bullion Coins

All Gold coins are manufactured by reputable internationally trusted mints and are available at low premiums, making them very attractive to investors wanting to protect their wealth.

All coins are free from VAT and some British coins such as the Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereigns are exempt from capital gains tax in the UK. Gold coins command slightly higher premiums than Gold bullion bars but are much more visually appealing and collectable.

Gold bullion coins are by far the most popular investments in the precious metal sector, especially with some types offering attractive designs with low premiums over their intrinsic value such as the Gold Krugerrand

Auronum offers a wide range of Gold coins for investors to choose from with stock regularly being updated with excellent condition coins from the secondary market as Auronum offers competitive buyback rates for sellers of Gold coins .

Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold Sovereigns

The Royal Mint’s flagship bullion coin, struck since 1817 but with origins tracing back to Henry VII’s reign, the modern-day sovereign is known throughout the world

Gold coin Britannia

Gold Britannia

The Gold Britannia coin is the flagship bullion coin from the Royal Mint

Gold Krugerrand coin

Gold Krugerrand

The Gold Krugerrand is the oldest modern-day Gold bullion coin

Gold Maple Leaf coins

Gold Maple Leaf

The Gold Maple Leaf was the first mass-produced .999 fine bullion coin

Gold coin Panda

Gold Panda

Chinese Gold Panda coins change the Panda design annually

US Gold Eagle coins

US Gold Eagles

US Gold Eagles are popular the world over and feature the famous liberty figure

Gold Kangaroo coin

Gold Kangaroo

Australian Gold nugget coins featuring the iconic Kangaroo design

Gold Double Eagle coin Design

Double Eagles

A popular and robust bullion coin that is available at a relatively low premium

Mexican gold veinte peso

World Gold

World Gold coins ranging from bullion to high value numismatic coins

Gold Royal Arms coins

Royal Arms

A classic Gold bullion coin from the Royal Mint that is popular with investors

Gold Vienna Philharmonics


A widely recognised modest premium European Gold bullion coin

Gold Libertad coins


Struck in Mexico, the Gold Libertad is a highly desired semi-numismatic coin

Gold Jewelled Series coins

Jewelled Series

The most exclusive Gold coin series ever made, the Perth Mint’s finest coins

Gold Queen's Beast coins

Queen's Beasts

A popular Gold coin bullion series issued by the Royal Mint

Gold Bull Tudor Beast coin

Tudor Beasts

A range of Tudor Beast coins with a wider range of coin sizes

Gold Myths and Legends Morgan Le Fay coin

Myths & Legends

A popular and robust bullion coin that is available at a relatively low premium


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Five Sovereigns

Platinum 1/10oz Britannia coin

Platinum Britannia

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