1oz Gold Coins

Gold One Ounce Coins


Gold 1 ounce coins are the staple of a Gold investment portfolio, especially for higher capitalised investors as the price point of the 1 ounce coin is sufficient to allow the accumulation of large Gold holdings. Moreover the premium per gram on the one ounce Gold coins is lower than other popular sizes such as the 1/4oz Gold coins which, whilst having a larger market due to the lower price point, carries a higher premium per gram of Gold

The most iconic and internationally recognised one ounce Gold coins are a range of .9167 fine, .999 fine and 999.9 fine Gold. Krugerrands and Eagles are both .9167 fine, making them 91.67% pure whilst other coins are almost completely pure Gold. All one ounce Gold coins contain exactly an ounce of Gold, even where the purity is lower. Some designs are more popular and rarer than others which means that the one ounce Gold coins trade at different premiums