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  • Gold £1,834.61 oz -1.65%
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Gold -1.65%
£1,834.61 oz
Silver -4.13%
£23.35 oz
Platinum 0.97%
£798.53 oz
Gold -1.65%
£1,834.61 oz
Silver -4.13%
£23.35 oz
Platinum 0.97%
£23.35 oz
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World Numismatic Gold

Gold Foreign Currency Coins

Auronum is a leading supplier and buyer of foreign numismatic Gold coins from investors the world over. These coins offer a wide range of collectable precious metals from different cultures, brightening any Gold and Silver coin collection. Coins from the Middle East, for example, are very sought after for their unusual designs

Foreign Gold coins offer something very different to UK investors who want to collect something as alluring as it is rare. Investing in Foreign Gold coins is a great way of adding something different and exotic to an investor’s precious metal coin collection. Gold Mexican Pesos have some stunning designs that justify premiums demanded from sellers

Auronum is a leading supplier of Foreign Gold coins and will offer significant premiums to sellers of these coins too. As Foreign Gold coins are relatively niche in the UK, investors may be concerned about ease of selling but Auronum provides a source of liquidity should a collector look to offload some of their collection at a fair premium


Unlike modern-day bullion coins, most of the Gold Foreign currency coins seen in the section below will never be reproduced and will always have historical significance. Much like antiques, as each year passes the coins can gain in value as they become older investment pieces. When Gold coins from around the world are found in a mint state, their premiums can be multiples of their bullion value

Gold Afghanistan Amani coin

Afghanistan Amani

Albania Gold coin

Albania Franga

Gold Austria 20 corona coin

Austria Corona

Gold 2 Austrian Ducat Coin

Austria Ducat

3.5 Gold Gramos Bolivia

Bolivia Bolivianos

Gold Brazil 6400 Reis 1771

Brazil Reis

Chile gold 20 pesos coin

Chile Pesos

Colombia 5 peso gold coin

Colombia Pesos

cuba cinco 5 pesos gold

Cuba Pesos

Denmark Gold 10 Kroner coin

Denmark Kroner

gold 14 guilder coin

Dutch Guilder

Ecuador Gold Sucre coin

Ecuador Sucres

Ecuador Gold condor

Ecuador Cóndor

El Salvador 20 pesos gold coin

El Salvador Pesos

Finland Markkaa

gold 40 francs

French Francs

Gold 20 Marks Anhalt coin

German Marks

20 Quetzales Guatemala gold

Guatemala Quetzal

Austro-Hungarian Gold Gold 8 Florint 20 Francs

Hungary Forint

Hungary Korona

Mohamed Reza gold 500 Rials

Iran Pahlavi

Israel Gold Lirot coin

Israel Lirot

Sardinia 20 lire gold coin

Italy Lire

Chile Gold 8 Escudo coin

Latina 8 Escudo

Liechtenstein Kronen

Mexican Peso Coat of Arms

Mexico Pesos

Montenegro Perpera

Peru Una Libra Gold coin

Peru Libra

Gold coin 100 soles peru

Peru Soles

Russia 5 ruble Alexander II

Russia Rubles

Gold Serbia 20 Dinara coin

Serbia Dinara

Veld pond

South Africa Pond

Spanish Gold 8 Escudos Philip V

Spanish Escudos

Spain gold 20 pesetas coin Alfonso XIII

Spanish Pesetas

Gold 20 Reales Spain coin

Spanish Real

Swiss 20 francs Helvetia coin

Swiss Francs

Gold Syria 1 pound coin

Syrian Pound

Gold 20 Tunisia francs

Tunisia Franc

Turkish 500 kurush gold

Turkish Kurush

US Eagles

1000 Bolivares Proof coin

Venezuela Bolivar

Gold Yemen 1 Riyal coin

Yemen Riyal

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