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Gold Afghanistan Coins

Afghanistan Gold Amani


A coin for specialist collectors, the Gold Afghanistan Amani coins is an intriguing type. Struck within Afghanistan the Gold Amani coins were only produced over five years, some being a single-year type. There are no records of mintage figures of any of the Gold Amani coins, their rarity in the market suggests their true mintage is in the four-figure range

From the Gold Afghanistan Amani coins that have been seen in the market, one can see that they are mostly seen in a mint state, suggesting that these coins were never intended for circulation. Unlike the Turkish Kurush which was often mounted in jewellery, the Afghani Amani coins are seldom seen as ex-mount, making them a very popular choice for high-premium world numismatic coin investors

Although these coins were first produced as early as 1919, they were not the first Gold coins minted within Afghanistan as Gold Mohurs were issued back in the 1700s. The Gold Amani coins were minted in the name of King Amanullah

Each of the Amani denominations contain the Tughra of Amanullah Khan, or his signature as it is known in the West. This is the symbol with two loops on the left, three vertical lines in the middle and two tail-like lines drifting right

The script on each coin is Arabic and a mosque is pictured on each of the coins giving each a beautiful exotic and Islamic feel. Amanullah Khan was sovereign in Afghanistan from 1919 until being abdicated in 1929 which likely explains why these coins were only in production for several years

The Gold 1/2 and 5 Amani are the rarest of the types as both were only struck for a single year. The 2 Amani is a five-year type, minted between 1920-1924 inclusive whilst the 1 Amani was struck for three consecutive years from 1925


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