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Albanian Gold Coins

Albania Gold Franga Ari


T he rare and highly desired Albanian Gold Franga coins are Albania's first Gold coins. These beautiful .900 fine coins were never circulated, meaning that when these are offered into the market they are typically seen in a mint state condition

The most famous of the Gold Franga coin range is the Gold 20 Franga featuring Prince Skanderbeg of which only two dates exist, 1926 (mintage: 6,000) and 1927 (mintage: 5,053). None of the Gold Albanian coins were actually minted in Albania, Austrian and Italian mints produced the coins

'franga' is likely to be a local variation of the 'Franc' as seen in Western Europe at the time. The 'Ari' is likely associated with 'Argent' Silver given that the Franga was circulated in Silver coin form. The Gold Franga was mostly minted as commemorative pieces

These coins are extremely rare and command a high premium when seen in the market. Owing to their numismatic nature, the Albanian Gold Franga is almost always seen slabbed and graded rather than a loose coin typically seen with other numismatic Gold coins


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