Gold 4 Ducat Coins

Gold Purity

The Gold 4 Ducat is remarkable in the sense that it is like no other coin that is universally collected by precious metal investors. The coin is almost pure at 98.6% Gold content which gives it a better Golden glow than other lower purity European coins. The 4 Ducat is less than one millimetre thick which means its 13.963g mass is spread across a 39.5mm diameter. The 4 Ducat coin is a firm favourite with investors as it has an impressive size and low premium

At 23.75 carats, Gold Ducat coins are the purest Gold coins that was ever used in circulation. Most 4 Ducats are restrikes making them more of a bullion than numismatic coin

Gold 2 Ducat Coins

Austrian 2 Ducat Gold coins are rarer that 4 Ducats coins but have the same Gold purity of 98.6%. The 1942 dated coins are restrikes

Gold Austrian Ducat coins are 0.5mm thick giving the coin a large surface area. The design features Ferdinand Karl on a horse whilst the reverse shows St Leopold as a standard bearer. The weight of the coin is 7 grams of which 6.9 grams is fine Gold. 2 Ducat coins are restrikes which makes them priced as bullion rather than higher premium numismatic coins

'Ducat' stems from the word 'Ducalis' which traditionally translated as Duke's Coin. They were used for trade in Europe in the Middle ages

Gold 1 Ducat Coin

The Ducat coins were based on medieval Gold coins and are often referred to as 'pirate coins' due to their large surface area and high Gold purity. Ducats would trade at a significant premium over their intrinsic Gold value if it were not for them being restrikes

This means that, even though the coin may be dated as 1915, it may have actually been minted many years later. This takes away much of the premium as the coins are more plentiful than a traditional numismatic coin that holds its value due to the coin being limited in supply

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