The 1915 Restrike

1915 Austrian Gold 1 Ducat

Austrian 1 Ducats are popular coins with the 1915 versions being modern day restrikes with very little numismatic value. The coins are 98.6% pure Gold, making them a popular low-premium bullion investment

T he Gold Austrian 1 Ducat features the image of the emperor Franz Joseph was minted and put into circulation in 1852 four years after his ascension to the Austrian throw at the time he was 22 years old so the image on the coin is from his very young age interestingly the image hasn't been updated as Franz Joseph grew old he was 86 when he died but the image on the last edition of the Duke and from 1915 was still the one of a young emperor Franz himself. Franz died in the middle of the First World War which he himself started after his nephew Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914. Through the Gold 1915 Austrian 1 Ducat coins the famouse effigy of Franz Joseph is still seen by investors all over the world

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1915 Austrian 1 ducats in the course of many centuries gained such a great reputation and were in such high demand that the Austrian mint that produced them made the decision to continue production. Using the same dies as the last available edition, the newly minted Gold 1915 Austrian 1 ducats are called 'restrikes' which are 1915 dated coins that are produced years after. As a result of the 1915 restrikes, the contemporary Austrian ducats look exactly the same as those minted pre-1915

The 1915 date was significant, especially in the US, given that possession of gold had been legally prohibited in the US from 1933 until 1971. There was, however, a loophole because prohibition did not apply to gold coins that had significant numismatic value. Austrian ducats were such coins and was considered valuable rarities. US authorities seem to have overlooked the fact that 1915 Austrian tokens with the image of a Franz Joseph dated 1915 was in fact mass-produced with very little numismatic value

The 1915 Austrian 1 ducat is struck from a 98.6% pure gold alloy. The reason to why these coins are 98.6% purity and not higher is because for many centuries this was the highest technologically achievable purity in Gold refining. It is only through modern technologies that we can now own 999.9 fine Gold coins such as the Gold Britannia. The 1915 restrikes have admirably stayed true to their history, making them an anomaly in today’s modern coin market. Investors view the 1915 1 ducat coins as a great way of collecting low premium Gold bullion coinage