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Gold -0.71%
£1,892.91 oz
Silver -1.43%
£22.53 oz
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£796.74 oz
Gold -0.71%
£1,892.91 oz
Silver -1.43%
£22.53 oz
Platinum -0.88%
£22.53 oz
Gold Boliviano

Bolivia Gold Coins

G old foreign currency collectors may be forgiven for being completely unaware of Gold coins from Bolivia because they are extremely rare. Like other regions in South America, Bolivia adopted the Gold Escudo but also released several very small mintage one-year types featuring the Gold Boliviano and Gold Centavos which are some of the rarest Gold coins in Latin America

Bolivia has a thriving mining industry with the country a Silver and Gold producer with a huge Silver mountain featuring in many Bolivian coins. In the late 1980s, Bolivia's government paid a 5% premium over the Gold spot price on local sales to the Central Bank of Bolivia to build a national Gold reserve given the amount of contraband Gold that was leaving the country at the time

Rare Bolivian Gold

Gold Bolivia Centavos

Bolivia 50 Centavos

Bolivia boasts of some of the most visually appealing coins in the world. It also boasts of one of the rarest types in the world too. The Bolivian Gold 50 Centavos coin is extremely rare with only six known to exist. The coin is known as a 'pattern' series in that the mint would have produced a small number of coins as a proof of concept. Usually successful pattern coins would lead to mass production but the mint was never commissioned to do so, making these pattern issues extremely rare with very high premiums when offered to the market









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