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Brazil Gold Coins

6400 Reis Gold Coins


A Timeline of Brazilian Monarchs

  • 1750 - 1777José I

    José I had a relatively short tenure on the Brazilian throne as José died of smallpox at the age of 27. His death relayed power to his younger brother João VI
  • 1777 - 1816Maria I

    Born in December 1734 as the Daughter of Joseph I, Maria I of Portugal lived to the ripe age of 81 years old. Maria I reigned for 39 years. In 1792 Maria I was deemed as being insane
  • 1816 - 1822João VI

    João VI was King of the United King of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves from 1816 to 1825. After Brazil's independence under the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro of 1825, he continued as King of Portugal until his death in 1826
  • 1822 - 1831Pedro I

    Pedro I of Brazil was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil. The Portuguese government's threat to revoke Brazil's political autonomy caused Pedro I to declare Brazil's independence from Portugal on 7 September 1822
  • 1831 - 1889Pedro II

    Pedro II was the second and last monarch of the Empire of Brazil, reigning for over 58 years. His father's abdication and departure to Europe left the five-year-old as emperor. Pedro II inherited an empire on the verge of disintegration but transformed Brazil into an emerging power
1750 - 1777

José I Gold Brazil Reis Coins


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The death of King Dom John V led to José I becoming the King of Portugal in 1750. His reign was eventful with him overseeing the deadly 1755 earthquake in Lisbon as well as a Spanish-French invasion of Portugal in 1762. The earthquake led to King José I developing claustrophobia in which the King refused to live in a walled building ever again as he elected to reside in tents

The biggest challenge of the reign was undoubtedly the war with France and Spain. France and Spain demanded that Portugal sever its ties with Great Britain and close her ports to British ships. King José I refused and asked for military support from the British. The Portugese and British alliance was victorious. José I died in 1777 which relayed the throne to his eldest daughter, Queen Dona Maria I

1777 - 1816

Maria I Gold Brazil Reis Coins


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Maria I was Queen of Portugal and the first monarch of Brazil from 1777 until her death in 1816. Maria I married her uncle Dom Pedro in 1760 which made him King. Together they had six children but only three survived infancy. The death of her husband in 1786 and the death of her eldest son two-years later to small pox led Maria I to develop depression

Brazil became a kingdom in 1815 making Maria I the Queen of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. Maria I was deemed insane by a physician in 1792. After eight-years of living in Brazil, Maria I died in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 81. Her death in 1816 saw her son João VI become King. Maria I has two effigies on Brazil 6400 Reis coins, one with her husband Pedro and one alone

1816 - 1822

João VI Gold Brazil Reis Coins


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After the recognition of the independence of Brazil under the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro of 1825, João VI continued as King of Portugal his death in 1826. João VI's reign was a disruptive one that saw very little peace as Spain, France and Great Britain interfered with Portugal's affairs. The King fled to Brazil when Napoleon I invaded Portugal

João VI's wife Carlota Joaquina of Spain repeatedly conspired against him to further her own interests or to betray the King to support her native Spain. His wife was a relative and was ten-years old at the time of marriage. In the 1990s, investigators exhumed that contained some of João VI's organs and found enough arsenic to kill two people which confirmed suspicions of assassination by poison

1822 - 1831

Pedro I Gold Brazil Reis Coins


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Pedro I was the fourth child of King João VI and Queen Carlota Joaquina. The Portuguese government's threat to remove Brazil's autonomy. This led to Pedro I declaring Brazil's independence from Portugal in 1822. After a succession of problems in Brazil and Portugal simultaneously, Pedro I moved to Europe and renounced the throne to his Dom Pedro II

In 1832 Pedro I invaded Portugal and was victorious. However, his glory was short-lived as Pedro I passed away having contracted tuberculosis in 1834. Gold 6400 Reis coins featuring Pedro I command a high premium which with many pieces trading hands in excess of £10,000 for an example in a good condition. Mintages are less than 1,000 pieces in each of the nine years of issuance

1831 - 1889

Pedro II Gold Brazil Reis Coins


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The Pedro II 6400 Reis Gold coin is a rare two-year type featuring the bust of the infant 5 year-old emperor. Pedro II was the seventh child of his parents and inherited the throne after his father's abrupt abdication and departure to Europe in 1831. Pedro II did appear on Gold coinage throughout his reign but at higher denominations than the 6400 Reis. Pedro II next appeared on Brazil's coinage in naval uniform on the 10000 Reis coin

Official data suggests that less than 50,000 Gold 6400 Reis coins with this infant effigy was issued with 1833 being the toughest of the years to find at just at original mintage of just 11,000 pieces. Pedro II's reign in Brazil saw a boom in economic growth with military victories in the the Platine, Paraguayan and Uruguayan Wars. Pedro II's reign was brought to an end when he was overthrown which setup Brazil's demise under dictatorships and weak governments

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