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Chile Gold

Gold Chile Pesos Coins

Chile Gold Pesos coins are an excellent starter coin for budding South and Central American collectors

They are available at a lower premium than other coins from the region and are more plentiful making them easier to obtain

S outh and Central American Gold coins are some of the most popular coins to collect owing to their beauty and fantastic design. The ranges on offer are also limited in supply which makes them excellent candidates to collect. The Chile Gold pesos coins are no exception. These pieces offer a fantastic design and are an excellent range to collect given that they are available in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 denominations in large mintages

Chile's Gold peso coins deserve a place in any international coin collection and are suitable for smaller budgets whereas Chile's Gold 8 Escudo coin is a much higher premium beauty that has a higher pedigree on the world stage. The Chile Gold peso features the nation's coat of arms as well as the female personification of Liberty which symbolises freedom from Spanish rule


Gold Chile 5 Pesos

Out of stock

Weight: 2.99g

Mintage: 3,000,000

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Gold Chile 10 Pesos

Out of stock

Weight: 5.99g

Mintage: 3,090,000

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Gold Chile 20 Pesos

Out of stock

Weight: 11.98g

Mintage: 1,131,000

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Gold Chile 20 Pesos

Out of stock

Weight: 10.17g

Mintage: 186,000

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