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Dutch Gulden Coins

Dutch Gold Guilders

T he Gold Dutch Guilder is the English translation of the Gold Dutch Gulden. Gulden literally means ‘Gold Coin’. The Dutch Guilder was once the reserve currency back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries before being replaced by the British Pound Sterling. The Dutch Guilder was also known as the florin, making these interchangeable at the time

Gold Guilders are popular with Gold Latin Currency Union coin collectors as they are available in various denominations and are available at a small premium above their intrinsic Gold value. The Guilder was Holland’s currency until 2002 where it was replaced by the Euro. The typical Gold Guilder is seen in 10 and 20 denominations although rarer 7 and 14 denominations were also minted in Gold. The 7 Guilder is known as the ½ Gold Rider, the mintage of these are around 200,000 but it is unclear how many stood the test of time. The 14 Guilder has an unknown mintage, around 30 coins have been registered with official grading companies

10 Guilder Gold coins featuring Wilhelmina are not rare, the mintages for these types exceed 11 million, the Willem III 10 Guilders are rarer, but still frequent the UK market enough to keep the premiums relatively low. 10 Guilder Willem II coins, however, are extremely difficult to source with only 860 minted in bullion and 100 in a proof finish

The 20 Guilder coins are more interesting as they offer some very rare examples for collectors to try to locate. The Louis Napoleon 20 Guilder, for example, only has an unknown mintage but only seven have been graded by the major grading companies, which is telling on how low the mintage is for these pieces. The low mintage is due to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Holland only lasting between years 1806-1810. Official records show the Gold 20 Guilder featuring Willem II is a very rare one-year type with only 50 coins known. Willem III 20 Guilders are another elusive type, with a total of 2,636 known making them extremely difficult to source in the international Gold coin market


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