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Finland Gold Coins

Finland Gold Markkaa


T he Gold Finland Markkaa coins were struck when Finland was still a grand duchy of the Russian Empire. The twin-headed eagle resembles the design displayed on the Gold Russian Ruble. The Gold Markkaa coins are minted in .900 fine Gold and featured as Finland's actual currency when the nation was part of the Latin Monetary Union when Finland was on the Gold standard between 1878 to 1915

Finland's Gold Markkaa replaced the Russian Ruble with the Ruble worth 4 Markkaa back in 1860. Both world wars caused debasement of the Markkaa which subsequently led to high inflation in Finland, causing Finland to return to the gold standard between 1926 to 1931. The Gold Markkaa coins are now traded as investment pieces and are usually seen at relatively low premiums and are seen in typical bullion grade condition

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As the Finland Gold Markkaa coins functioned as currency, they needed to be produced in mass to meet the needs of the economy. Most of the coins that are seen in the marketplace are the Gold 10 Markkaa and 20 Markkaa. Issuance of the coins began in 1878 and were produced until 1913. Coins were not struck annually, some years did not see any new coins released into circulation

This was likely done to ensure that the Markkaa kept its value relatively stable whilst on a Gold standard. A total 2,473,000 Gold 20 Markkaa coins are known, with the Gold 10 Markkaa as a much smaller 1,481,000 mintage. In 1926, the 100 Markkaa was a one-year type design with only 50,000 coins issued. The same year also saw a 200 Markkaa Gold coin struck with the same mintage

The 100 and 200 Markkaa coins were never really circulated. It is believed that many of the coins have remained stored within Finland's bank vaults for nearly a century, meaning when these elusive coins are seen in the market, they are usually in excellent condition

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