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South American Gold

Gold 8 Escudos Coins

G old coins from South America are some of the most popular designs in the world with some investors just focusing on that region alone. The historic Gold 8 Escudos is the top of the range for a South American Gold coin collector. The Gold 8 Escudos is the largest of the Escudo coins that circulated Latin America with other denominations in 1⁄2, 1, 2 and 4 Escudos

This guide will acquaint investors with these beautiful South American treasures. The 8 Escudo coins are very similar to British Guinea coins insofar that their value is very dependant on the condition of the coin, with some Mint State coins fetching tens of thousands of pounds in the market. Some of the coins featured here are extremely rare and incredibly hard to source


Bolivia 8 Escudos

Coin Weight: 27.1g
Gold Purity: 0.875

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America that shares borders with Peru and Chile. The design on the Bolivian Escudo features a lama, sheaf and the famous Cerro Rico. This being a mountain of Silver and Gold in the Andes near the city of Potosi. The mountain is one of the largest Silver mines in Bolivia and was accidently discovered in 1545 by a Spanish Silver miner whilst he was searching for an Inca Shrine

This design was used as an obverse to three different presidents such as Simón Bolívar. The designs are rare to find and typically command a lower premium than other Escudo coins from the region yet is still a prized trophy for the advanced collector of world gold

Chile 8 Escudos


Costa Rica 8 Escudos


Produced by the San Jose mint, the Costa Rican Gold 8 Escudo coin is the ultimate for historic South American Gold collectors. With official records showing less than 12,000 of these coins exist, securing this design in good condition requires a large budget. Wear is usually observed first on the sun's face on this type which will act as a guide to the coin's general condition

This is a stunning depicting a radiant, personified sun over a mountainous landscape with the obverse centering a ceiba tree, which is native to the tropical region. The coin was struck in 1828, 1833 and 1837 with the latter being the most rare. This design is an altogether enchanting example of South America's greatest golden treasures and is a dream-coin for the any Latin American collector

A true treasure of Latin America, Costa Rica's Gold 8 Escudos displays what is often considered the most iconic and classic design of the Latin American republican series

An ever-popular type owing to its grand illustrations and status as hailing from a now extinct state, this design is always in high demand when found and fetches extremely large premiums when close to mint state


Ecuador 8 Escudos


Argentina 8 Escudos


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