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Cuban Gold

Cuba Gold Pesos Coins


T he range of Gold Cuba Peso coins are incredibly elusive in the UK which is likely attributed to the breakdown of trade between Cuba and much of the West. Paypal, for example, will not allow transactions on their platform for Cuban Gold Peso coins. Moreover, the Cuban Gold pesos are rare coins with some of the designs having a mintage of just ten pieces


Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean and is known for its cigars, rum and Guantanamo Bay. The country also has a range of Gold coins which are relatively rare given that they are either one or two-year types. Each coin displays Cuba's coat of arms which has some hidden symbolic meanings to the design which consists of a wreath, shield and a Phrygian cap. As with many of the central and south American coin designs, the radiant sun hovers near the top of the coat of arms

The gold key between two mountainous rocks symbolises Cuba's position between North and South America. The striped section of the shield is actually blue and white stripes which relates to the Cuban flag whilst the palm tree is a depiction of a Cuban landscape. The Phrygian cap sitting on the shield is typical of many South American coinage and is seen on Peru Soles and the Argentinian Peso. The Phrygian cap represents liberty which is a key part of history for countries in this region

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