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Gold Coins from Hungary

Gold Hungary Korona


T he Gold Korona coins from Hungary are a desirable coin for Latin Monetary Union currency collectors and admirers of European Gold coins. The Korona has an extensive history with Hungary. The korona was the currency of the Austria-Hungarian empire between 1892–1918 before being replaced by Hungary's own korona between 1919 and 1927. The Gold Hungary Korona coins are from the first korona period and are dated 1892 through to 1915. Hungary's Korona was replaced by the pengő due to a hyperinflation at a rate of 12,500 koronas to 1 pengő. The Gold Korona coins from Hungary were struck in 10, 20 and 100 denominations but most coins seen in the market are official restrikes

In 2010 the Hungarian Mint produced very small mintage of restrikes from the original dies. These made Gold koronas to a proof finish, a tiny mintage of just 100 pieces was struck making them extremely rare


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The Gold Hungarian Korona, or Austro-Hungarian Krone as it is technically known as, features the Hungary coat of arms which is similar to the design seen on the Gold 8 Forint coins, however in this beautifully designed depiction of the Hungarian arms, there are two angels seen either side of the Hungary coat of arms. This version of the coat of arms is of the Habsburgs which was the ruling family until World War I dissolved the empire and monarchy

The Gold 100 Korona coins are the most interesting of the range as there was a special design minted to mark the 40th anniversary of the coronation of the king. The standard Gold 100 korona is almost always seen dated 1908, which are official restrikes containing almost a full ounce of Gold. The design shows a full length portrait of Austrian King and Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I

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