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Switzerland Gold Coins

Swiss Gold Francs

T he Gold Swiss franc is a popular coin that is typically seen in the 20 Franc denomination, yet the coins were also struck in rarer 10 and 100 Franc sizes. All Gold Swiss Francs are .900 fine and comprised of 90% Gold and 10% copper. The Gold 20 Francs weigh 6.45g with 5.806g of fine Gold

Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland which parallels with Great Britain’s Britannia. Swiss Gold 20 Franc coins are seen in two different types, the most common being the Vreneli, or Helvetia, and the second features the Libertas design. Each 20 Franc type is struck to the same specifications however the Libertas carries a slight premium over the Helvetia because it is a much rarer coin

Notwithstanding its popular design, the Helvetia Gold 20 franc is regarded as a bullion coin which means that it trades at a very low premium above its Gold content value. This is because of the very high mintage of these coins. Most of which (20,000,000) are considered restrikes which were minted just after the second world war. These restrikes all bear the year ‘1935’ to show that they still matched the original coin specifications in terms of purity and size

The Gold Swiss 20 Franc is a popular bullion coin. The most common being the 'Helvetia' design with the 1935 date. These pieces are the restrikes of 1935 which were massed produced following the second world war. Other higher premium Gold Swiss Francs were struck in 10 and 100 denominations

Gold 100 swiss francsGold swiss 100 francs coin

Swiss Gold 100 Francs

Mintage: 5,000


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Swiss Helvetia gold 20 francsSwiss 20 francs Helvetia coin

Helvetia 20 Francs

Mintage: 39,434,284


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Libertas 20 gold francs swissLibertas Gold 20 francs coin

Libertas 20 Francs

Mintage: 1,750,444


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Gold 10 franc swissGold swiss 10 franc coin

Swiss Gold 10 Francs

Mintage: 2,650,000


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