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Tunisian Gold Coins

Gold Tunisia Francs


T he franc served a role as Tunisia's national currency for 67 years from 1891. The Tunisian Gold francs is available in 10, 20 and 100 denominations and was on par with the Gold French Franc during its use

This meant that the Gold Tunisian 10 franc was struck to be the same size and Gold purity as its French counterpart, the same holding for the Gold 20 franc coins. Prior to the Tunisian franc, Tunisia used the rial. After the franc was discontinued the dinar became the nation's currency and remains until this day, the franc is a reminder of Tunisia's rich history

The adoption of the franc as a currency was due to Tunisia being ruled by France at the time. Having an equivalent currency would have made trade seamless between the two nations

The Tunisian Gold francs were struck in accordance with the Latin Currency union specifications for coinage at the time, with each coin containing a minimum of 90% fine Gold whilst the remainder of the alloy was made from copper to add to the coin's durability whilst in circulation. Tunisia Gold francs are not common in the market and trade at modest premiums

Tunisian Gold

Tunisia 10 Francs

A relatively uncommon coin with a mintage of just over 400,000. The Tunisian 10 francs is on par with the Gold French 10 francs with a total mass of 3.22g of .900 fine Gold. Nearly all 10 francs were struck in 1891 with only a few minted in years after this date

Tunisian Gold

Tunisia 20 Francs

The 20 franc is the most common of the three Gold Tunisian francs with an estimated mintage of 2,035,837 although it is unknown how many remain and are in investment grade. The 20 franc has a total mass of 6.45g and was minted between 1891-1902

Tunisian Gold

Tunisia 100 Francs

At 6.55g the Gold Tunisian 100 francs coin is only slightly larger than the 20 franc. The 100 franc coin is quite a rare find with just 9,365 known. The coin has a 21mm diameter and the Islamic text is translated to 'Ahmad Muddat Bey of Tunisia'

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