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Guatemala Gold Coins

Gold Guatemala Quetzales

T he Guatemalan Gold Quetzal coin is one of the most highly desired coins out of Central America. The Quetzal is the national currency of Guatemala, a country that is bordered by Mexico to the North, El Salvador to the South and the Caribbean to the East

The Guatemalan Quetzal is named after Guatemala's national bird, the Quetzal. These are beautiful highly coloured birds found in forests and the tropics. Many consider the bird to be the most beautiful in the world and was the sacred bird of the ancient Mayas and Aztecs

The Quetzal was introduced in 1925 and was pegged to the US Dollar until 1987, for this reason the quetzal did not suffer the rate of inflation that was seen by neighbouring countries. Guatemala's other currency unit is the centavos, with 100 equal to a single Quetzal

1926 was the only year in which the Gold 5 Quetzales coin was issued, with a limit of 48,000 coins struck. Each coin weighs 8.3592 grams and is 90% Gold. The Gold 5 Quetzal coin trades at multiples of its intrinsic Gold value due to its alluring design and extreme rarity

The Gold 10 Quetzales coin is much rarer than the 5 Quetzal as only 18,000 coins were struck. The coin weighs 16.72 grams thus containing just under half of an ounce of fine Gold. The 10 Quetzale's rarity means it trades at a very high premium to its intrinsic Gold value

The Gold 20 Quetzal contains 30 grams of fine Gold, with a total mass of 33.44 grams. The Gold coins were only struck in 1926 and are more common than the 10 Quetzal with 49,000 minted. Gold Quetzal coins are rarely seen for sale, making them one of the most desired coins

An extremely rare Guatemala Gold 10 Quetzal coin was struck in 1995 but was only minted as a pattern, as so there is no official mintage figures. The coin is known to have a mass of 40.1g, making this pattern coin much larger than the standard 10 Quetzal


Auronum offers instant liquidity for sellers of Guatemalan Gold coins, whether this be Gold Quetzal or Gold Guatemala Peso coins. Due to the rarity of the Quetzal coins, Auronum offers the highest premiums in the industry for buybacks of these coins

Our selling page offers live prices that change with the underlying Gold spot price, ensuring that sellers receive a price that is market reflective for their Guatemalan Gold coins


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