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Gold Israeli Coins

Gold Israel Lirot


T he Gold Lirot coin from Israel is a collectors piece and is not often seen in the market due to low montages. Most of the Gold Lirot denominations are one-year types and were struck to celebrate the anniversary of an important event. The Gold Lirot, or pound as it is also known, was the official currency of the state of Israel for 28 years until it was replaced by the Palestinian pound in 1980 which was pegged at parity to the pound sterling

Each Gold Lirot, regardless of denomination, is 91.67 fine Gold. The standout characteristic of these coins are the smooth fields due to the amount of space left on the coin's design. The text displayed on the coins is Hebrew with some English and Arabic also seen. Each Gold Lirot features the iconic Israeli seven-branched Menorah used in Jewish worship. Some Gold Lirot coins were struck to a proof standard, the mintage on these are very low


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There are some interesting facts surrounding the Gold Lirot coins. The incidence of barley and an olive branch symbolise abundance and a gift of the land's goodness, this traces back to ancient Hebrew portrayals. The 20 Lirot features Theodor Herzl and was struck to mark Israel's 12th year of independence. The 100 Lirot features Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel. The coin was released in 1983 which was after- Weizmann's death in 1952. In a similar vein, the 500 Lirot was also issued after the death of the individual featured. The Gold 500 Lirot features an effigy of David Ben Gurion who was the first Prime Minister of Israel after his party Mapai won the first national election in Israel

The Gold 500 Lirot was issued a year after his death to honour this important figure in Israeli history. None of the Gold Lirot coins were ever circulated, meaning that they was not used as currency and so are not subject to the damage and wear that is seen on coins that did serve as currencies in their respective nations such as the Gold French Franc. Auronum will always buy any Gold Lirot coins from investors looking to sell, the live prices on screen are indicative and can be locked by contacting the Auronum Trade Desk


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