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Historic European Gold

Latin Currency Union

The Latin Currency Union gold coins are historic European gold coins that were once the standard for trade in the late-18th Century. Each nation based their coinage on the Gold French Franc with .900 fine gold weighing 6.45161g. France, Belgium Italy and Switzerland was the initial nations that adopted the Gold Latin Currency Union standards. Greece joined the union at a later date. Other nations, such a Spain and Romania considered joining but decided to mint their coinage to the same specifications whilst remaining outside the union.

The European Gold coins are a very popular investment for many collectors given that the types of coins offer a wide range of designs to collect whilst being available at an affordable premium. The standard weight of coins in this section are mostly 6.45161g but this varies with different nominations. Other European Gold coins, such as the Austrian Ducats and German Gold Marks have different weights. Auronum offers live sell-back prices on all Latin Currency Union Gold coinage with prices on screen changing with the underlying Gold spot price

LCU Gold

Latin Currency Union

Just five European countries were part of the Gold Latin Currency Union. France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Greece all had coinage meeting the specifications of the union

Other countries considered joining but never went ahead. The Spanish Peseta was famously minted to the Union’s specifications but was never part of the Latin Currency Union

Gold Coin Union

Which Coins Were Part of the Latin Currency Union?

Charles X gold 20 francs coin

French Francs

France’s Franc was the blueprint for Union coins, others copyied its size, weight and Gold purity

Gold Libertas 20 Francs swiss

Swiss Francs

The Swiss Franc is another member of the Latin Currency union and remains popular today

Sardinia. Vittorio Emanuele I gold 20 Lire 1816

Italian Lire

Italian Lire coins are less common in the UK with some types trading at significant premiums

Gold Greek Drachma coin

Greek Drachma

Greece did not join the union until 1867 which saw the Drachma introduced. These coins are ellusive in the UK market and typically command a premium

Gold Belgium 20 Franc coin

Belgium Francs

Belgium Francs are typically regarded as bullion coins with little numismatic value. Making them perfect for type collectors that favour low-premiums

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