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France Gold Coins

French Gold Francs

France was a founding member of the Latin Currency Union which turned into a gold standard in 1873 which only ended on the onset of the first world war. The Gold French Franc is a popular coin with international Gold collectors and ranges from low-premium bullion to a moderate premium numismatic piece depending on the type of Gold Franc

France is not the only nation with a Gold franc as Switzerland and Belgium also have their own versions of the Gold franc but none offer the same range as the French version. Gold French francs were minted throughout the 18th century and offer a range of French monarch portraits which are typically offered at affordable premiums


Gold 10 Franc



Gold 20 Franc



Gold 50 Franc



Gold 100 Franc


Napoleon I gold 40 francs coin

1802 - 1813 Francs

Napoleon I

Napoleon I featured on the first ever Gold French Franc coin which is dated 1802. Napoleon I occupied the Gold Franc for twelve-years

Louis XVIII gold francs

1814 - 1824 Francs


Louis XVIII Gold Francs are much more common than the earlier dated coins. Some of this type was struck at London’s Royal Mint

Charles X 20 Gold Francs

1825 -1830 Francs

Charles X

Charles X is another popular but high premium early 1800s Gold French Franc. These coins are highly desirable after being in production for only six-years

Gold 20 francs Louis Philippe I

1830 -1848 Francs

Louis Philippe I

Louis Philippe I Gold French Francs are popular and not as rare as some other types in the French Franc series. These were minted during a volatile period for France

Gold ceres 10 francs

1849 -1851 Francs


The Roman mythological character punctuated the Gold Franc series with a brief period after Philippe Luis vacated the throne but before Napoleon III ruled

Gold 20 francs Louis Philippe I

1853 - 1870 Francs

Napoleon III

A common Gold French Franc, struck to high mintages and made available in 5 Franc, 10 Franc, 50 Franc and 100 Franc denominations

Gold Lucky Angel francs coin

1871 - 1898 Francs

Lucky Angel


Lucky Angel French Franc

A French Franc that reuses the same design seen on the 1792 Gold Livres. Intriguingly, the figure on this coin is not actually an angel at all despite the coin’s name ‘Lucky Angel’


Roosters French Coins

Known for its high mintage but low premium restrikes. This type is an iconic French coin that was re-struck twice for very different reasons

1899 - 1914 Francs


Gold French Franc Rooster coins


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