1871 - 1898 Gold Francs

Lucky Angel Francs

The Gold Lucky Angel Franc is a common type which was produced near the end of the French Gold Franc series. The coin is referred to as 'Lucky Angel' due to a disputed account about the original engraver 'Augustin Dupre'

Investors might not realise that the 'Lucky Angel' design was originally used in 1792, featuring on the French Gold Livres. The design actually depicts a 'winged genius' rather than an angel. The wording on the book held by the Angel has also changed through the years, the modern-day Gold Francs show 'Constitution' but previous examples featured 'Loi' (law) as well as 'An III de la liberté' (year three of liberty)

The term 'Lucky Angel' is said to originate from a time when the coin's engraver Augustin Dupre managed to use one of the coins to bribe a guard before he was due to be beheaded. Historians contest this story, stating there is insufficient evidence that this happened. In any event, this Gold Franc is now a popular bullion coin that investors know as the 'Lucky Angel' design, despite the figure being originally intended as a winged genius


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