1802 - 1813 Gold Francs

Gold Napoleon I Francs

1802 represents the first year of the Gold French Franc with Napoleon I featuring on this historic piece. The Gold Francs of this period were struck in 20 and 40 franc denominations. Interestingly, not all Gold Napoleon I French Francs were struck in France

At the time France had occupied some neighbouring countries and setup mints there. Some of this type was produced in Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Italian Rome Mint struck French Francs in 1812 and 1813 which was the same time they were being produced at the Dutch Utrecht Mint. Italian Genoa and Turin mints struck them between 1803 and 1813. The famous Geneva Mint in Switzerland also produced Gold Francs during the Napoleon era

Showing the significance of France's influence on Italy, Gold Italian lire were struck to feature the effigy of Napoleon I too. The Gold Napoleon Francs were issued over a period of eleven years and featured three different effigies. The early Gold Napoleon Francs are often date marked with a 'AN 12' rather than a traditional year, this is because at the time France was using the revolutionary calendar. The coins later switched back to standard year marks



Weight: 12.9g

Bullion Value: £684.94



Weight: 6.45g

Bullion Value: £342.47