1899 - 1914 Francs

Gold Rooster Marianne Francs

Arguably the most iconic French Gold Franc is the Rooster Franc given that the Gallic Rooster is the symbol of France. This bullion coin was the last Gold Franc produced and is famous for having mass mintage restrikes, these being officially minted coins struck at a later date using the original die

Gold Rooster Francs is a common coin to see in the market owing to the volume of restrikes that flooded the market between 1951 and 1960. In fact, 20 Rooster Franc coin restrikes were first issues in 1921. All restrikes bear the original dates on them but were produced after the first strikes were issued. The official restrikes can be dated any year between 1907 to 1914 and are often seen in excellent condition as they were not circulated

The Gold Rooster Francs were only minted in 10 and 20 Franc denominations. They are beautifully designed coins which also displays Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap which is frequently seen in Latin American Gold coins such as the Peru Sol, the cap is associated with freed slaves. Marianne is significant as it is the personification of the French republic, much like the French version of the British Britannia. Both 10 and 20 Franc coins were struck at the Paris Mint