1830-1848 Gold Francs

Louis Philippe I Francs

In any hoard of European Gold there is likely to be several examples of Louis Philippe Gold Francs. A popular and common bullion type from the early 1800s. These coins were denominated in 20 Franc and 40 Franc varieties only with both sizes alloyed with .900 fine Gold, making them 90% pure Gold

The most common Gold coin from this period is the Gold Louis Philippe I 20 Francs which was struck each year between 1832 through to 1848. A volatile period in France's history predated Louis Philippe's reign which involved the future king at age 20 he fled France to seek sanctuary in Switzerland which lasted 21 years. He eventually returned to France as King following his cousin being forced to abdicate the throne

Like many other French monarchs of the time, Louis Philippe I was overthrown by a revolution which followed a period of poor economic conditions. Louis Philippe I spent his remaining 2-years of his life living in Great Britain. Louis Philippe unsucessfully proposed to the daughter of Britain's King George III. He also was the first French King to step foot on British soil since 1356 after he visited Queen Victoria



Weight: 6.45g

Bullion Value: £346.29



Weight: 12.9g

Bullion Value: £692.58

The larger Gold 40 Franc denomination has a modest mintage of 775,336 coins known. Only one effigy of the King featured on the 40 franc coin due to its shorter period in production. These coins were struck between 1831 and 1839. Most years carry the same premium although 1839 is a standout year for being extremely low mintage with just 17 coins issued during that year

Whilst examples graded as a mint state will always attract a premium in the market. The typical Gold 40 Francs coin will trade very close to its bullion value which is seen onscreen. It is likely that their modest mintages and lack of distinction from other Gold French Francs from the same period likely makes average investors indifferent for this type

However, the Louis Philippe I Gold Francs add diversity to a collection and are usually offered at attractive premiums in the market. The French Franc is a staple in any European Gold collection and the various monarchs on offer provide the collector with a challenge to add a coin of each King to their collection