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Liechtenstein Gold Coins

Liechtenstein Gold kronen

L iechtenstein is a landlocked country between Switzerland and Austria. It is not often that Liechtenstein Gold coins are seen in the market, the Liechtenstein Gold 10 Kronen and 20 Kronen coins are extremely rare finds. Both Gold Kronen coins are one-year types and were struck to a very limited mintage of 1,500 coins

Liechtenstein Gold Kronen coins feature the effigy of Johann II who was Prince of Liechtenstein between 1858 until his death in 1929. The 20 Kronen was struck in 1898, the 40th anniversary of his time as Prince. The smaller 10 Kronen was released two-years later in 1900 which marked the year of Johann II's 60th Birthday. As the coins are of such a low mintage, it is clear that these coins were never intended for circulation

The Krone was Liechtenstein's national currency between 1898 to 1921, with the coins containing Silver. The Krone was replaced with the Swiss Franc due to instability in Liechtenstein's currency at the time. The Gold Kronen is another example of a rare coin that is highly desired among European Gold coin collectors. The coins both showcase the Coat of arms of Liechtenstein which has some unusual features


Gold Liechtenstein 20 Kronen

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Gold Liechtenstein 10 Kronen

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The Royal Arms displayed on the coin shows an Eagle on the top left as well as a crowned harpy, or half woman half bird on the right lower quadrant. Each coin is struck with .900 fine Gold, their sizes are slightly larger than other European Gold coins that met the criteria for Latin Currency Union coins. As the Gold Kronen coins were never intended for circulation, their specifications were not limited to meeting criteria set by other governments

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