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Gold Mexican Peso Coins


B ritish coins have some fantastic designs and hold their own on the international stage but Gold Mexican Peso coins deserve their place in any precious metal coin collection. They offer a broad spectrum of designs as well as sizes which caters for all preferences

Gold Mexican Pesos have the Mexican coat of arms on the reverse which shows a beautiful depiction of an eagle eating a rattlesnake. The image is said to date back to the time of the Aztecs in which a God indicated that the sighting of a perched eagle eating a snake was a signal they had reached their home

Mexican Gold Coins

Veinte Pesos

Veinte Peso Gold Mexican CoinVeinte Gold Peso Mexican Coin Reverse

Weight 16.67g

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The Veinte Peso, or 20 peso, coin is arguably the most unusual and beautiful of the Mexican pesos coins as it gives the appearance of a highly detailed coin sitting upon another coin

The 20 pesos coin contains exactly 15 grams of pure Gold which is confirmed by the coin's inscription '15 Gr. Oro Puro'. The design on the coin is the Aztec Sun Stone which is linked to human sacrifice

The center of the design represents the Tonatiuh, or sun God. The protruding tongue is said to represent thirst for blood and sacrifice. There are four additional suns around the center face, representing the five suns of the Aztec people

The five suns illustrate how the Aztec people believe the world was created with four Gods serving as the sun prior to our current 'fifth sun'. The Aztecs believed human sacrifice was required to keep the fifth sun from disappearing due to the threat of the moon Goddess

Mexican Gold Coins

Cinco Pesos


The Gold cinco peso featured the portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla who was a Criollo Catholic priest, who gathered an army of over forty thousand people in the Mexican War of Independence

Cinco pesos are relatively small and light Gold coins which makes them very easy to collect and a fantastic alternative to the British half Sovereign with the Cinco Peso having a slightly higher Gold content at 3.744g per coin

Cinco Pesos Gold coins are 90% fine Gold and have a diameter of 19mm. The Banco de Mexico issued the coins between 1905 and 1955, however, most coins are restrikes dated 1955, hence why most coins seen today are in excellent condition

Each coin has the inscription 'Estados Unidos Mexicanos' which translates to 'United States of Mexico', this being the country's formal name since its independence from Spain in 1824. Auronum offers generous premiums when buying Cinco Pesos coins

Cinco Pesos Gold CoinMexican Peso Coat of Arms

Weight 4.16g

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Mexican Gold Coins

Dos, Dos Y Medio
& Diez Pesos

Mexican Gold Coins

Centenario 50 Pesos

Gold 50 Pesos Mexican CoinGold 50 Pesos Coin Mexico

Weight 41.67g

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The 50 pesos coin a very popular bullion piece and is one of the largest bullion coins minted for currency containing 37.5g of fine gold. The shear mass of this coin makes it very popular with collectors, giving this coin a presence that conventional bullion coins can lack

The coin has historical significance too, given that it was first minted in 1921 to commemorate Mexico’s 100th year anniversary of their independence from Spain. The 50 pesos coin is also known as Centenario. The design features El Ángel de la Independencia or "The Angel of Independence"

The intricate details of the Angel of Independence unveil the message of freedom as broken chains are held in the Angel's left hand. The 1821 on the lower left commemorates the year of Mexico's independence. The date on the right indicates year of mintage with "1947" seen on coins minted between 1949 and 1972

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