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Mexican Gold

The 1945 Dos Peso


T he iconic Mexican Dos Peso coin was first introduced in 1919 by the Mexican Mint. The Dos Peso is also referred to as the Mexican 2 Peso and is popular with smaller capitalised investors as well as collectors of Mexican Gold. The coin itself is tiny, weighing 1.666g of which 90% is pure Gold. The remainder of the coin's alloy is copper which was used in circulating coins to make them more durable and less likely to be damaged

After 1920, the Dos Peso coin was not minted again until 1944 where the coin was in mass production for a further four years although no 1948 dated Dos Pesos are known. Interestingly, the 1944 Dos Peso is the rarest year as only 10,000 coins were struck. The 1945 Dos Peso coin is the one that most investors will see in their collection, this is because the 1945 Dos Peso is a restrike - meaning that it was produced for several years after 1945 with the '1945' date on the coin


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The 1945 Dos Peso coin had 140,000 coins minted that year, however, restrikes dated 1945 were produced with the mintage numbers in the millions between 1951-1972

The restrikes that are seen in the marketplace typically trade at a slight premium over their intrinsic value. Sadly, many coins are ex-jewellery meaning that they were once mounted in rings or other garments. The removal from their respective mounts means that many Dos Peso coins have slight damage or uneven wear which makes them less visually appealing

Coins that are not restrikes are worth a slight premium because of their rarity as well as the fact their the coin is much older and has the added appeal to collectors looking to own a date-run. Auronum allows all investors to sell Mexican Dos Peso coins and will pay a small premium for the coins. Although the non-restrike variety are rarer, they are typically seen in heavily circulated condition which is why we do not pay, or charge, a premium for these dates. The younger restrike coins are more appealing as they are seen in a much better condition than the circulated older varieties

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