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Centenario Peso

Mexican Gold 50 Pesos

M exico has issued a range of beautiful Gold coins with the 50 Pesos being the largest of the series. The Mexican 50 Peso is a large bullion coin with a total mass of 41.67g of .900 fine Gold, making the coin 90% Gold. The remainder of the alloy is copper which increases the durability of the coin. This was a standard practice in Latin America. The Mexican 50 Peso offers a large single Gold position as the coin contains 37.5g of pure Gold

The coin showcases two high relief dates, the 1921 being the 100th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain. The other date is the year that the coin was struck. Most coins seen in the market display '1947'. This was the year used for restrikes which were produced as recently as 2013. 1943 and 1921 are the years with the lowest mintages with 89,000 and 180,000 respectively. These coins were produced by La Casa de Moneda de Mexico


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The Centenario or 50 Peso proudly displays the "Angel of Independence", a common theme on Latin American coinage. This design has become very iconic, making the 50 Pesos a highly desired coin throughout the world

Aside from the Peru 100 soles, the Mexican 50 Pesos is the largest Gold bullion coin that was intended to function as currency. The coin is impressive in hand given the mass as well as the beautiful design. The reverse of the coin showcases the famous Mexican eagle consuming a snake. To add to the intricate detail of this coin, an inscription is seen on the coin's edge reading 'INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD' which translates to independence and freedom

A potential downside to owning a 50 Pesos is the higher value that the coin commands. This can price lower capitalised investors out of the market which results in less options to sell when the time comes. Auronum shows live prices on screen for investors that are considering selling 50 Peso Gold coins. Simply call out Trade Desk to lock a price whenever you need to sell. All coins sold are covered by our buyback guarantee which gives buyers peace of mind that they can quickly liquidate their coins when cash is needed

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