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Peru Gold Coins

Peru Gold Libra and Soles

The first libra coins were minted in 1898 and were identical in technical specifications to a full British gold sovereign. Including Gold purity, weight and coin diameter

Peru una libra gold coins are also referred to as 'Peruvian pounds' and feature the stunning Peruvian coat of arms on the obverse and stoic effigy of Manco Cápac on the reverse. The Peru una libra gold coin series ran for a total of thirty-two years from 1898 until 1930

In 1901, Peru adopted a gold standard based on the libra, at which point one libra was equivalent to 10 soles. The Gold Peru Libra was minted in denominations of one-fifth, one-half, and one pound. The Gold Peru Libras are amongst the most desired coins by international Gold coin collectors

Peruvian Gold

Gold Libra Coins

Peruvian Gold

Gold Soles Coins


Peru replaced the real with the sol in 1863 but was replaced by the Inca when Chile invaded Peru. The 1930s saw the reintroduction of the sol but a period of hyperinflation led to the inti replacing the sol as the nation's currency between 1985 and 1991 in which the currencies reverted, with Peru adopting the sol again but under the name 'nuevo sol'

The sol remains Peru's currency to this day and is significant for international Gold coin collectors for their beauty and rarity. In eight of the thirty years that the Gold 100 soles coins were struck, less than 1,000 pieces were issued which is a very small number given the coin's popularity on an international scale

The 100 Soles coin is one of the largest universally available Gold currency coins and weighs an impressive 46.8071 grams. The 100 soles Gold coin is reputable for being relatively scarce as the coin was only minted between 1950 through to 1970, with only 425 coins issued in 1970

The highest annual mint volume came in 1965 which celebrated the 400 year anniversary of the Lima Mint. Just 27,000 coins were struck. The 100 soles coin is an oddity for investors given that its hefty size typically means that it will sell close to its intrinsic value, however, the coin is a highly collectable numismatic coin which commands a reasonable premium


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