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Serbian Gold Coins

Serbia Gold Dinara

G old Serbia Dinara coins, or Dinars, are another example of Eastern European low-premium bullion coins. The coins are one-year types, however there was two different versions of the Gold 20 Dinara featuring Milan I King of Serbia and Milan Obrenović IV, prince of Serbia. The Gold 10 Dinara coins were only struck once which saw 300,000 coins issued in 1882

All Serbia Gold Dinara coins are .900 fine Gold with the 20 Dinara coins being the same specifications as other European Latin Currency Union coins such as the Dutch Guilder. The designs of the coins are quite simple, they display the coin's denomination in Dinars as well as showing date within wreath with a crown above

10 Dinara Milan I

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The Serbia Gold 10 Dinara coin weighs 3.2258g of .900 fine Gold and was only in production for a single year, this being 1882. The coins were minted in Münze Österreich, Austria. 1882 was the first year of Milan I's reign as King of Serbia. The King previously appeared on the first Gold 20 Dinara when Milan I was prince of Serbia

The Serbian Gold 10 Dinara is an important prospect for European Gold coin collectors due to the limited mintages for this one-year type. Only 300,000 were struck, some of which may have been lost or melted so it is unknown how little of the 300,000 remain in the market. Notwithstanding the limited mintage, the 10 Dinara is available for a relatively low premium but is seen less frequently in the market compared to French Francs or Guilders which are usually always available

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