Spanish Escudos

Spain Gold Escudos

The Spanish Gold ecudo is a popular historic Gold coin that traces back to the 15th century under the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand. Spain’s Gold escudos functioned as currency for commerce at the time of Spanish exploration and colonisation which is why so many Latin American countries also had escudo coins as their domestic currencies

These coins were struck in a .900 fine Gold alloy, making the Spanish escudos 90% fine Gold. They are available in ½ (1.69g), 1 (3.4g), 2 (6.77g), 4 (13.54g) and 8 (27.07g) escudo denominations. These Spanish Gold coins were replaced by the peseta in 1869 before Gold coins was phased out altogether shortly thereafter. As is the case with coins from the period, many Gold escudos coins have been removed from mounts and have been polished/cleaned. Auronum does not purchase ex-mounted coins

Spanish Escudos are regarded as numismatic coins and are highly collectable. Their value depends largely on the coin's condition. Certified mint state pieces command premiums that are multiples of the coin's intrinsic value but can be a little tricky to sell given their higher price-points and niche in the coin collector space. Auronum will offer premiums for Spanish Escudos graded in a mint state, reach out to our team for a valuation. The prices on page are for AU grades and ungraded coins