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Turkish Gold

Gold Turkish Kurush


T urkey Gold Kurush Coins are a tribute to the powerful Ottoman Empire's glory. This ultimate Muslim superpower formerly stood in for either the Middle East's or Europe's single-largest empire for several centuries

It once stretched practically from North Central Africa through Libya and Egypt, the vast majority of the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans, all the way up to the gates of Vienna in Austria

Even in its final years as the so-called "sick old man of Europe," the empire continued to cover Turkey and much of the Middle East until its forced dissolution due to being on the wrong side of the conflict in World War I

gold 25 kurush turkish coinsgold 25 kurush turkish coins

25 Kurush


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Turkish 50 Kurush gold coinTurkish 50 Kurush gold coin

50 Kurush


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About 5,000 years have passed since the first gold coins were struck inside the borders of present-day Turkey. The first gold coins were minted in Sardis, the opulently wealthy capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia. These 7th century B.C. Greek-style coins prove that gold and Turkey have a combined history of more than 2,500 years

Turkey has minted a great variety of different gold coin denominations, which should not come as a huge surprise given the country's long-standing historical link to the yellow metal and its borders. Sultani, Yarim, Serifi, Cifte, Istanbul, Tek, Dort, Onluk, Luk, Mahbub, Altin, Lire, and Piastres are just a few of them

The Ottoman Empire's final years, in the later part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century, saw the production of these exquisitely calligraphed coins, particularly under Sultan Abdul Hamid II's rule. Today, investors and coin collectors alike are highly fond of these coins as they offer an exotic, attractive and historic appeal for UK based collectors

Because of the misunderstanding caused by the earlier series' Arabic-styled Turkish writing, some investors have shunned Turkish gold coins. Collectors can acquire inexpensive Turkish coins that may be rare and valuable without the seller being aware because modern Turkish coins can be challenging to identify


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