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US Gold Eagle Coins


Originally the $2.5 and $5 Gold coins were intended to have the same design as the US double eagles. President Roosevelt played a part in the design process of the Gold Indian Head Eagles, his designer friend suggested coins should have a flat plane which will help them stack evenly

The $2.5 and $5 designs, therefore, were to have impressed rather than raised designs. This design feature is rare to see on coins and was chosen at the time due to its practicality for businesses as well as being a novelty and being visually appealing too


Liberty Head Eagles


1839 was the year that saw the first of the modern Liberty Head designs on the half Eagle. The coin's total mass is 8.36 grams of which 7.53 grams is pure Gold. The 10 Dollar is the Gold Eagle and weighs 16.71 grams of .900 fineness, giving exactly 15.04 grams of Gold per Eagle. The design shows Goddess Liberty's head with the year of issue

The thirteen stars displayed on the piece represent the original thirteen British colonies on the USA's East coast that achieved independence in 1776. The US Gold Double Eagle coin received its name by being twice the size of a traditional Gold Eagle, with a total of 30.087 grams of pure Gold

Interestingly, the Double Eagle's Gold content was worth its denomination of $20 when the coin was first struck in 1849 as Gold was $20.67 per ounce. 1848 was the beginning of the Californian Gold rush which is the same year that the first Double Eagle was minted. Issuance of the Double Eagle continued until 1933 which was the same year when the Gold price revalued to $35 per ounce

The 1933 Double Eagle is one of the most valuable US Gold coins as all but two of the 445,500 coins minted were returned to the US Government to be melted down. One of the two Gold 1933 Double Eagles surfaced in an auction in 2021 and fetched $18.9 million after previously selling for $7.6 million in an auction in 2002

Gold US $5 liberty head coinGold us 5 dollar liberty head
$5 Liberty Head

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Gold $10 Liberty Head CoinGold 10 dollar Liberty Head Coin
$10 Liberty Head

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US Gold Eagle 1oz coinUS Gold eagle

1oz US Eagle

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Gold Double Eagle Liberty coinUS Gold Double Eagle $20

Double Eagle

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