Gold Indian Head Coins

Indian Head Eagle Coins

A favourite amongst the US Gold Eagles is the Indian Head Gold Eagle coins which were struck in three different denominations. These coins are highly sought-after collector's items and serves as one of the most iconic Gold coins to come out of the USA. All three Indian Head denominations feature beautifully iconic designs on both the obverse and reverse sides

The individual displayed on the $10 Indian Head Eagle coin is Liberty, a common feature on US and Latin American coins. In this series a figure is wearing a Native American headdress, hence the name 'Indian Head'. Each coin has an attractive design of a bald eagle perched on an olive branch. The coins are .900 fine Gold, making them 90% fine

$2.50 Indian Head

US $2.50 Quarter Eagle

The US $2.50 Indian Head coin is also referred to as the quarter eagle. The US administration began minting these coins in 1908 and released them annually until 1929

The designer of this beautiful coin is Bela Lyon Pratt, she created the famous chief in full headdress. This designer was selected as her design won a competition to design a new US Gold coin. The brief was for the designer to create something modern and visually appealing

The design of the Quarter Eagle Indian Head coins looks fantastic in hand but what really makes this coin a highly desired piece is its unique incuse design in which the lines of the design are depressed into the coin. Usually details of a coin's design are raised rather than recessed into the coin as seen on the £2.50 and $5 Indian heads

During the production period of the $2.50 Indian Head coins a few changes were made. In 1915 there was a slight raising of the rim whilst the relief of the coin was reduced in an effort to improve the overall strike of the coin. The phrase "E PLURIBUS UNUM" was included from 1925

$5 Indian Head

US $5 Half Eagle


The Gold $5 Indian Head, or half eagle, is a larger version of the quarter eagle which features the same Native American wearing a headdress. This coin had a slightly raised edge which was a design feature intended to increase the coin's lifespan by reducing wear

This Indian Head is a true American Gold coin, struck at various sites within the states which included mints in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Half eagle Indian Head coins are relatively uncommon in the UK. They were made in large mintages of over 12,000,000 coins, but the US made owning Gold illegal in 1933 so many coins were traded in and melted down

Production of the Gold $5 Indian Head coins came to an abrupt end in 1929 due to the great depression and economic fallout that followed. The Gold $5 Indian Head was never minted again after that. Some dates and high grades of this type can trade hands for 5 figure sums

$10 Indian Head

US $10 Eagle

The $10 Indian Head Eagle is the most recognisable and iconic of the three Indian head coins. In a break of trend, this design features Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress rather than an Indian chief. As with the other Indian Heads, this coin is 90% Gold, 10% copper

The reverse of the coin's design showcases a bald eagle positioned upon a collection of arrows and an olive branch which is testament to the vision of the coin's designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The arrows symbolise America's military might, whilst the olive branch is a symbol of peace

It is typical for coinage of any country to feature a monarch of political leader but this series clearly breaks that tradition which adds to its allure and uniqueness

Production of the $10 Indian head coin stopped in 1933 during the great depression. The recall of Gold in 1933 meant that many coins were taken out of private hands to be melted. Surviving coins would have been unlawfully hoarded or taken overseas