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Gold Venezuela 5 BolivaresVenezuela Gold proof 5 Bolivares
Venezuelan Gold Coins

Venezuela Gold Bolivares

G old coins from Venezuela are very popular with foreign gold coin collectors and are available in 10, 20 and 100 Bolivar denominations. Venezuela Gold coins display the national coat of arms which depicts a sword, a sabre, and three lances draped in the national flag. The bushel of wheat has twenty-four strands, one for each region in Venezuela. The iconic white horse represents freedom and independence

Venezuela Gold 100 BolivarsVenezuela 100 Bolivars Gold coin
20 Bolivares goldVenezuela 20 Bolivars Gold

Venezuela's currency, the Bolivar, is named after Simon Bolivar who is a celebrated figure in securing the region's independence from Spain. The Bolivar was pegged to the US Dollar but was floated in 1983 which resulted in a 100% devaluation against the greenback. A series of events led to the Bolivar collapsing on foreign exchanges resulting in hyperinflations in Venezuela. Despite this, the Bolivar remains the national currency of Venezuela


Gold Bolivares Availability

Special One-year Types

Venezuela Gold Proof Coins

Gold 1000 Bolivares 'Cock on the Rocks'

Mintage: 483 Pieces (Proof)
Mintage: 5,047 Pieces (Bullion)
1000 Bolivares Proof coinVenezuela cock on the rocks gold coin
Venezuela cock on the rocks gold coin1000 Bolivares Proof coin

Minted by the British Royal Mint, this one-year type was produced in proof and bullion of .900 fineness. Both types boast an impressive 33.437g mass and 34mm diameter. Coins were never intended for circulation and are therefore often seen in mint state condition when offered to the market for sale


Gold 500 Bolivares

Mintage: 100 Pieces

An elusive one-year type which was struck to commemorate the nationalisation of Venezuela's oil industry. Only 100 pieces were issued but it is uncertain how many survived 'accidental melting' which makes this design a very valuable and rare piece of Venezuelan Gold

Gold 500 BolivaresGold 500 Bolivares Venezuela
Gold 500 Bolivares VenezuelaGold 500 Bolivares

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