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Gold Britannia Coins


The Gold Britannia coin is the flagship bullion coin of the United Kingdom. The Gold Britannia is struck in one, half, quarter and one tenth of an ounce sizes. Generally the larger the coin the lower the premium per gram of Gold

G old Britannia coins are collected throughout the world and are in high demand for bullion collectors who prefer 999.9 fine Gold coins. The Britannia coin features Britannia, the female personification of Great Britain. The design has seen numerous variations over the years with plain backgrounds, the radiant sun rays as well as the popular oriental border design

The Royal Mint boasts of the Britannia bullion coin being the most secure in the world for anti-counterfeit measures. The intricate details of the design in recent years is much more complex than bullion coins from other mints, such as the Canadian Maple. Britannia Gold coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt in the United Kingdom as well as being VAT free. Auronum buys back Gold Britannia coins at the prices seen on screen, full details on the Gold Britannia selling page

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The Gold Britannia oriental border is a very popular design with investors. On these pieces Lady Britannia is surrounded by an ornate oriental border which was inspired by the Chinese themed banqueting room at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The Gold Britannia oriental border design can be a higher premium coin given that it was struck in lower mintages than other conventional Britannia coins. For example, the 2020 issue was limited to 5,000 coins


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