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US Gold $20 Coin

US Gold Double Eagles

Gold Double Eagle coins are popular with bullion stackers, they are large coins that contain just under an ounce of fine Gold. There are two different designs that featured on the US Gold Double Eagle, neither has a premium over and above the other as both designs are equally popular with Gold coin collectors and investors alike

Double Eagles

Double Eagle Coins

US Gold Double Eagle $20

Double Eagle Weight

A Double Eagle Gold coin weighs 33.43g with 30.087g of the coin being pure Gold

US Gold Double Eagle $20

Double Eagle Purity

All Double Eagle coins are .900 fine Gold, making them 90% Gold with 10% from copper


The US Gold Double Eagle has a face value of $20 because at the time when the coin was first struck in 1849, the official Gold price was $20.67 per ounce

Given that the coin holds 0.9675 ounces of Gold, this gave the coin its equivalent value of $20. The current market price of the Double Eagle says a lot about how the US Dollar has fared against the Gold price since the Double Eagle's first issuance

US Gold Double Eagle $20

Double Eagle Dimensions

Double Eagle coins are 2mm thick and have a diameter of 34mm, slightly larger than a 1oz Britannia

US Gold Double Eagle $20

Double Double Design

The US crest design was later changed to an image of an Eagle flying over the sun

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