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  • Gold £1,834.98 oz -1.65%
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Gold -1.65%
£1,834.98 oz
Silver -4.13%
£23.35 oz
Platinum 0.97%
£798.69 oz
Gold -1.65%
£1,834.98 oz
Silver -4.13%
£23.35 oz
Platinum 0.97%
£23.35 oz

South african Bullion coins

Gold Krugerrand Coins

The Gold Krugerrand is a 22 carat coin which contains exactly 1 oz of Gold, the total mass of the coin is 1.09oz. Investors can buy Gold Krugerrand coins for a lower premium than some of the other 999.9 Gold bullion types. The coin’s composition is 91.67% Gold and 8.33% copper which makes the coin more durable and scratch resistant for circulation and general storage

Gold Krugerrands were first minted as 1oz coins in 1967. The 1⁄2, 1⁄4, and 1⁄10 ounce denominations was not released until 1980. The name ‘Krugerrand’ is actually a trade mark which is owned by the Rand Refinery who manufacture the Gold Krugerrand coins. Weighing 33.93g, this copper-Gold alloyed coin was once the most popular Gold coin in the world before sanctions impacted South Africa

Gold 1oz Krugerrand coins

World Famous

Gold Krugerrands are known throughout the world and were once the most popular Gold bullion coin in the world

gold krugerrand pile

Low Premiums

Gold Krugerrands are the lowest premium 1oz Gold bullion coins available in today’s market and are very attractive value plays

Krugerrand golden coin from South Africa close up

Sell With Ease

All Gold Krugerrands have a buyback guarantee. Auronum displays live selling rates on screen for complete transparency 

best value krugerrands

Live Prices to Buy

Gold krugerrand 1/10oz coin
Gold Krugerrand Tenth Ounce
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quarter ounce Gold Krugerrand
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Gold Krugerrand Quarter Ounce

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Half Ounce Krugerrand 1890 Coin
Gold Krugerrand Half Ounce
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1982 krugerrand 1 oz
Gold Krugerrand 1 Ounce
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Gold Krugerrands

Buyback Guarantee

Auronum has a buyback guarnatee on all Gold Krugerrands sold through our website

We display these rates at all times and check them weekly against other top-tier bullion companies

Investors can sell Krugerrands to us even when they were sourced from other bullion companies 


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