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Canadian Gold Coins

Gold Maple Leaf Coins


A utumn 1979 saw the release of the world's first .999 Gold bullion coin which is known as the Gold Maple Leaf coin. The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin was the second bullion coin to hit the stage after the Krugerrand. In 1979 the first Gold Maple Leaf coins was issued and it immediately upstaged the Krugerrand with its .999 purity which was unheard of at the time

This highlighted that the 22 carat designation was really a mute point in creating something that was not going to be circulated but rather stored away in a vault or safe, so why not create something that is made of pure Gold in the one ounce variety? To this day .9999 fine coins typically trade at slight premium to 22 carat Gold bullion coins

Apartheid tainted the appeal of the Krugerrand which opened a void for other national mints to fill. Canadian mining companies lobbied the Government to make a national coin that used Gold from Canadian Gold mines. This marked the inception of the Gold Maple Leaf coin

The Gold Maple Leaf coin remains unique to other bullion coins due to its thickness. The coin is 30mm in diameter which means to contain an ounce of Gold it has to be thicker than other bullion coins

The Canadian mint decided to do something revolutionary and that is to create a pure gold bullion coin and this was created in .999 fine gold for those years up until the end of 1982 when they came out in 1983 with the .9999 designations so it is the very first gold bullion coin to come out with an even pure gold coin .9999 purity at the standard

The Royal Canadian mints gold coins went unmatched in terms of purity by other nations except for Australia which started to issue their own pure Gold bullion coins in .9999 purity around kind of the same time or little after the rollout of the Canadian Maple Leaf coins

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