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Royal Mint Gold

Gold Royal Arms Coins


The Gold Royal Arms Bullion coin was first introduced in 2019 by the Royal Mint and has been minted each year since then. The limited mintage of the coin has caused the premium for these coins to be higher than similar coins such as the Gold Britannia

T he Gold Royal Arms coin is a higher premium bullion coin produced by the Royal Mint. The premium is likely due to the limited annual mintages which has been consistent at 5,000 coins per year. As the series continues, it remains to be seen if this premium is upheld by the markets because the only design change so far on the Royal Arms bullion coin has been the date

As with other bullion coins produced by the Royal Mint, the Royal Arms coin has advanced anti-counterfeit measures. The obverse of the coin has a beautiful microdot security feature on the background of the field whilst the reverse has radial lines surrounding the Royal arms design which, whilst adding a stunning intricate detail to the coin, increases the difficulty in counterfeiting this beautiful piece

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The British Royal Coat of arms dates back to 1707 in the act of the union between the various countries within the United Kingdom, the design has changed over the years after Queen Anne of House Stuart oversaw the first coat of arms with a slightly different design that what is seen on the modern Royal Arms coins

The Royal Arms design features the crowned Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland. On the standard UK royal of arms which this design is based on, the Unicorn does not have a crown but on the unique Scottish court of arms Unicorn is seen wearing a crown

Below the shield is the Thistle of Scotland the Tudor Rose of England and the Shamrock of Ireland. Unfortunately there is no daffodil for Wales nor is there a red dragon. This is because back during the act of union in 1707, Wales was not actually an independent country as it was a province of England

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