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Perth Mint Jewelled Series

The Masterpiece Series


A imed at the elite of the coin collection world, the Perth Mint's Masterpieces series features large 10oz .9999 fine Gold proof coins mounted with animals from Chinese culture. The series has a single Jewelled animal coin released each year and is limited to a maximum of eight coins. A number that is said to be lucky in Asia. The Masterpieces series is likely to be known as the most exclusive and ostentatious Gold coin series of modern times

The Jewelled Phoenix was the first of the series sold out within six weeks despite its high price tag of AUD 188,000. All coins from the series display naturally pink diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Australia. Whilst out of reach for most retail investors, the Masterpieces series shows the beauty of coins that bring together fine Gold and coloured diamonds and sets the bar high for modern day Gold coin innovations

Gold Tiger Coin

The Jewelled Tiger

Original Price: AUD 259,000

Limited to just 8 coins, the Jewelled Tiger was released in 2020 by the Perth Mint, Australia. The tiger is crafted from 18 carat rose Gold and is furnaced with 3 carats of pink diamonds. The Tiger's eyes are made distinctive with two emeralds sourced from Columbia's Muzo mines. The Tiger is symbolic of bravery and strength in Chinese culture


Gold Koi coin

The Jewelled Koi

Original Price: AUD 262,800

The Jewelled Koi was issued in 2022 and was limited to a mintage of 8. The two Koi fish are struck with 18 carat Gold, one white Gold and one rose Gold. The two Koi contain around 2.52 carats of white and pink diamonds. The coins of this series are limited to 8 coins as the number 8 is considered lucky in Asia which is the target market for these elite collector coin

Gold Horse coin

The Jewelled Horse

Original Price: AUD 279,000

The 2021 issue of the Perth Mint's Masterpieces series features a rose Gold horse, adorned with 2.76 carats of Argyle Pink Diamonds to give a beautiful example of a Gold coin mixed with diamonds. As with all other coins from the Masterpeices series, the Jewelled Horse is 10 ounces of .9999 fine Gold struck to a proof finish


Gold Snake coin

The Jewelled Snake

Original Price: AUD 289,000

Released in 2023 the Jewelled snake is handcrafted from 18 carat rose Gold and contains just over 4 carats of pink and white diamonds. There are a reported 175 hand set pink diamonds from Australia's Argyle mine whilst the stomach contains 111 white diamonds with two emeralds to highlight the snake's eyes

Gold Dragon coin

The Jewelled Dragon

Original Price: AUD 289,000

The Jewelled Dragon was the second of the series and features a Chinese themed Dragon flawlessly struck from 18 carat rose Gold. The Dragon has 117 pink diamonds from Australia's Argyle mine. The Argyle pink diamonds are so rare that less than a handful are mined each year from the area


Gold Phoenix coin

The Jewelled Pheonix

Original Price: AUD 188,000

In 2018 the Jewelled Phoenix was the first instalment of the Masterpieces series which quickly sold out after initial release by the Perth Mint. The Phoenix is made of 18 carat rose Gold and displays 1.22 carats of pink diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle mine. The Jewelled Phoenix has 89 hand set naturally pink diamonds

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