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South Peru

South Peruvian 8 Escudos

T he South Peruvian Gold 8 Escudos coin is a chance to own a piece of South American history. This example was the first issued by the short-lived State of South Peru. The coin itself is as good as any other design out of South America during the same period and has tremendous eye appeal. The coin has two variations which are both a one-year type, minted in 1837 and 1838

The on-screen example shows 'FEDERACION' on the reverse legend before it was changed later in 1837 to the word 'CONFEDERACION'. "The Coins of Independent Peru" notes the instruction to swap these words whilst also including a fifth star which was to feature on 1838 issues

The four stars represented each of the four departments of South Peru, which were also symbolized in the beautiful rendition of the State's coat of arms. Ayacucho is represented by the cornucopia, a horn-shaped basket refered to as the 'horn of plenty' to signify abundance. Cuzco represented by the fortress of the Incas), Arequipa by the el Misti volcano and Puno by the lake of Titicaca

The coin's reverse was one of the most advanced engravings of the era and shows a scene compiling a fortress, active volcano, a cornucopia with a sailing ship in the background

Historic Peruvian Gold

North Peru 8 Escudos

Historic Peruvian Gold

Peru 8 Escudos

Ferdinand VII


Charles III


Ferdinand VI

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