1/4 oz Gold Coins

Gold Quarter Ounce Coins


Quarter ounce Gold coins have gained in popularity and are likely to continue to see their demand rise with the Gold price as more lower capitalised investors are priced-out of larger coins. The price point of the quarter ounce Gold coins are often favourable for periodic buyers and those that like to buy little and often. Their premium is higher than what is seen for larger half ounce or 1oz coins but some investors will be comfortable with this given the added flexibility the quarter ounce offers when buying and selling

All the main international Mints produce quarter ounce Gold coins with the majority of them producing new issues annually. The designs are the same as the other weights in the series but have the advantage of requiring less capital to purchase and more flexible when selling. The market for smaller sized coins is larger given that the pool of investors that can afford to periodically purchase the quarter ounces is larger than those who can afford to regularly buy an ounce of Gold