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£1,912.74 oz
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Gold 0.75%
£1,912.74 oz
Silver 0.76%
£22.80 oz
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Gold Sovereigns

The British Gold sovereign is a very popular choice for investors globally. They offer an option for both bullion and numismatic collectors given that some of the mass produced Gold Sovereign years trade very close to their intrinsic value, whilst rarer designs have numismatic properties, with their value depending on condition, age and mintage
Gold sovereigns are available in various sizes ranging from a quarter sovereign to a large five Sovereign. Gold Sovereigns are minted by the Royal Mint and are available in matt, bullion and proof finishes. All Gold Sovereigns are 91.67% Gold with the remainder comprised of Silver and/or copper. Modern day Gold Sovereigns have a higher copper content, giving them a rose Gold sheen
Sovereigns are valuable and appeal to collectors for their aesthetic value and historical significance. British Gold Sovereign coins are well known around the world which gives them excellent liquidity and the potential for their premium to rise well in excess of the Gold price

Half Sovereign

Intrinsic Value


Full Sovereign

Intrinsic Value

Gold double sovereign

Double Sovereign

Intrinsic Value

Gold five sovereign

Five Sovereign

Intrinsic Value


Gold Sovereigns

The Half Sovereign

The Gold Half Sovereign is popular with fractional Gold coin investors and is the choice bullion coin for lower capitalised investors or collectors that are looking for something slightly different from the standard Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereigns

The Full Sovereign

Gold full Sovereigns are the flagship coin of the Royal Mint and are in high demand in domestic and international markets. The weight of 7.98g makes the Gold Sovereign a perfect coin for stacking and collecting over time

Gold Sovereigns

The Double Sovereign

Double Sovereigns are less common than the standard Gold Sovereign but are highly desirable for their increased Gold mass. As the name suggests, Double Sovereigns contain exactly twice the Gold content of a Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereigns

The Five Sovereign

The five sovereign is a less common coin that is typically found as part of a set but is also issued by the Royal Mint as a single piece. Five Sovereigns are typically struck to a proof finish but are also popular in Matt

Gold Sovereigns

The Piedfort Sovereign

The Piedfort Sovereign is like a Full Sovereign but double the thickness. This gives it the same mass as a Double Sovereign but is limited to low mintages and always struck to a beautiful proof finish

2022 Memorial Gold Sovereign coin

Memorial Sovereigns

The special year design 2022 Gold Sovereign in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II

Graded Sovereigns

Graded Sovereigns are the elite of the Gold Sovereign range and are highly desired

1985 proof sovereign coin

Proof Finish Sovereigns

Proof Sovereigns are struck to a higher standard and display distinctly reflective fields

Australian gold sovereign

Australian Sovereigns

Australian Sovereigns was the first Sovereign to be struck outside of Great Britain

British Royalty

Meet The Monarchs

George IV Laureate Head sovereign

George IV

William IV Proof Sovereign

William IV

Victoria MS sovereign


Edward VII

George V Sovereign

George V

1937 gold sovereign proof coin

George VI

third portrait gold sovereign

Elizabeth II

Charles III Sovereign coin

Charles III

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