Experienced investors recognise the importance of diversification in assets such as shares and bonds but acknowledge that it is good practice to diversify their gold holdings across different types of gold assets

Gold Sovereigns are alloyed in 22 carat Gold. Auronum recognises the collectable aspect of these coins and will buy Gold Sovereign coins back at a significant premium above the coin's intrinsic Gold value

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Historic Gold coins are an important asset in the current Gold market. Gold sovereign coins are rare allowing them to retain value when Gold prices fall whilst giving them great potential to appreciate as time comes to pass


Sovereigns are scarce and appeal to collectors for their aesthetic value and historical significance. British Gold Sovereign coins are well known around the world which gives them excellent liquidity and the potential for their premium to rise well in excess of the Gold price. British full and half Sovereigns can make excellent Gold investments


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G old sovereigns have been in existence since 1489. The Sovereign coins with Saint George slaying a dragon on the reverse and the monarch on the front was first minted in 1816, allowing modern day Gold investors to own a piece of Great British history when purchasing a Gold Sovereign coin

The Royal Mint continues to produce modern Sovereign coins but historic coins are limited in supply and held by precious metal collectors. All Gold investors should consider owning collectable and historic Gold coins in their precious metal portfolio

Gold Sovereigns are 22 carat Gold making them 91.67% fine Gold. Sovereigns originally were minted only in London but were later minted in Australia and South Africa as these countries became major players in Gold production from their mines

Observers will note that during Gold bull markets, collectable historic coins such as the Sovereign will increase more than the price of Gold. These coins contain the intrinsic value of Gold whilst also offering additional profit potential due to their rarity and historical appeal


Timeline of Gold Sovereign Coins

  • 1760 - 1820King George III

    Despite King George's sixty year reign, the years 1817, 1818, 1819 and 1820 were the only years where King George III was featured on a Gold Sovereign. This four year period was the first to feature the new George and dragon design
  • 1820 - 1830King George IV

    King George IV's era featured two different Sovereign coin designs; the first was issued in years 1821 through to 1825 which featuring St George and the dragon. The second design was the first to feature the shield design and was minted between 1825 and 1830
  • 1830 – 1836King William IV

    King William IV was the only British Sovereign to only feature the Royal Arms shield in lieu of the George and Dragon design. King William IV's Sovereigns were only issued in years 1831, 1832, 1833, 1835, 1836 and 1837
  • 1836 – 1901Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria had three different head designs on her Sovereigns throughout her reign. The 1838 – 1874 years saw the return of the Royal Arms shield and the 'Young Head' design. The subsequent two designs only featured the George and Dragon reverse
  • 1901 – 1910King Edward VII

    King Edward VII's Gold sovereigns were issued every year between 1902 and 1910 and only featured the iconic George and the Dragon design on the reverse
  • 1910 – 1936King George V

    King George V featured on eight Gold Sovereigns minted during his reign. These being between 1911 and 1917 with a final addition in 1925. All King George V designs feature the George and the Dragon
  • 1936 – 1952King George VI

    King George VI had a single coin minted with his portrait, this being in 1937
  • 1952 – PresentQueen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth is the longest serving monarch with six different portraits on Gold Sovereigns issued during her reign. 2002 saw the first Royal Arms shield featured on her majesty's Sovereigns and in 2005 the George and Dragon design was changed for the first time in 190 years

UK Gold Sovereign Coins

1894 Full Sovereign1894 Full Gold Sovereign

Old Head Gold Full Sovereign Queen Victoria

A late 18th Century British full Gold Sovereign featuring Queen Victoria. A beautiful piece that is ideal for investors seeking historic British Gold at a low premium

1890 gold sovereign1890 Jubilee Head sovereign

Jubilee Head Gold Full Sovereign Queen Victoria

A late 18th Century British full Gold Sovereign with Queen Victoria. This design is the second Victorian Sovereign effigy and is the only design with Victoria crowned

1825 Gold Full Sovereign Shield1825 Full Gold Sovereign Coin

Bare Head Gold Full Sovereign King George IV

An early 18th Century George IV 'Bare Head' Full Sovereign is a rare find in the coin community. These Sovereigns are highly sought after by collectors

1886 Full Gold Sovereign coin1886 full gold sovereign

'Young Head' Queen Victoria Full Sovereign

No Sovereign coin collection is complete without a Victorian 'Young Head' coin. The design is one of the most sought after and is the first of three Victorian designs

Full Gold Sovereign coin2021 gold sovereign coin

Elizabeth II Fifth Portrait Gold Sovereign

The fifth portrait of her majesty, showing the aged Queen on coins 2016 to present. Gold Sovereigns from these most recent years are brilliant and uncirculated

1968 full gold sovereign coin1968 full sovereign coin

Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Gold Sovereign

The youthful Elizabeth II's uncrowned portrait was struck on Gold Sovereigns between 1953 and 1970. This portrait is the only uncrowned version of her majesty

2022 Full Gold Sovereign Coin QE22022 Full Gold Sovereign Coin

Elizabeth II 2022 Gold Full Sovereign

A special and unique design to the 2022 Gold Sovereign, struck with Crown Gold with a rose lustre. A beautifully designed coin featuring the Royal coat of Arms

1974 Full Sovereign1974 Gold Sovereign

Elizabeth II First Decimal Gold Sovereign

Queen Elizabeth's first crowned effigy which was the first portrait to be placed on modern day decimal coins minted between 1974 and 1984

2003 fourth portrait sovereign2003 Full Sovereign

Elizabeth II Fourth Portrait Gold Sovereign

The Full Gold Sovereign features the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is perfect for investors looking for a lower premium coin in uncirculated condition


King Edward VII Gold Sovereign

A popular and historic Full Sovereign coin that deserves its place in any collection of precious metal coins. Coins are in bullion condition with some minor markings

1831 Gold Sovereign William IV Coin1831 William IV Sovereign Coin

King William IV Gold Sovereign

One of the most desired British coins featuring King William IV. This coin is the only Sovereign to only ever feature the Royal Coat of Arms shield rather than St George

1775 Gold Guinea George III Coin1775 Gold Guinea George III

1775 King George III Gold Guinea

A very rare 1775 George III Gold Guinea in good condition. These coins are a beautiful piece of Great British history, with the coin being larger than the modern day full sovereign

2012 gold sovereign coin2012 gold sovereign special year coin

2012 Special Year Gold Sovereign

The famous 2012 Gold sovereign was a one-off special year design featuring a modern interpretation of St George and the Dragon

1989 Special year Sovereign1989 special year Gold Sovereign

1989 Special Year Double Sovereign

A must have for a serious Sovereign collector. This has the bonus of being a bigger coin which shows the intricates of the coin's detail much better

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