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1817 - 1820 Sovereigns

George III Sovereigns

T he 1817 to 1820 Gold Sovereigns feature King George III and are a rare and valuable find given that these coins are well-over 200 years old. These designs command some of the higher premiums for British Sovereigns given that their availability is much lower than younger Sovereign coins

During 1817 to 1820, Gold Sovereigns were used as legal tender which means that many of the coins that reach the market were in general circulation causing some heavy wear on the coins. Any Sovereign from this period in excellent condition will be worth more than our prices below

Holding a 1817 - 1820 Full Sovereign in a collection is a double-edged sword, on one hand the coin is desirable and thus attracts a higher premium but the higher premium can make the coin less liquid than Sovereigns with much lower premiums as average collectors tend to shun high premium coins


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