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Rare Sovereigns

1827 Gold Sovereigns


K ing George IV reigned in Britain for ten years during which two different portrait designs were featured on both Half and Full Gold Sovereigns. Given the age of this Sovereign, it is important to ask the true value of an 1827 Gold Sovereign because Sovereigns from this period are worth much more than their weight in Gold. The 1827 Gold Sovereign was the first to ever feature the Royal Arms shield on the reverse, this continued through years 1825 to 1830 as illustrated on our Gold Sovereign Timeline


The 1827 Gold Sovereign is referred to the 'bare head' design. This was accompanied by some controversy because in 1823 King George IV insisted on a coinage redesign featuring a revised portrait of himself. The chief engraver at the time was sacked from his role for refusing to use the new design. William Wyon replaced the chief engraver and introduced the bare head portrait which first featured on 1825 Sovereigns


What is a 1827 Gold Sovereign Worth?

1827 Sovereign Royal Arms Shield Coin

1827 Half Sovereign Value

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1827 Full Gold Sovereign King George IV

1827 Full Sovereign Value

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Sovereigns dated between 1825 to 1830 are a rare find which makes them valuable. Auronum offers live prices to buy all Full and Half Sovereign coins and has a breakdown of Sovereign valuations depending on their year of issuance for all Full Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns. Sovereigns from the 1827 period receive one of the highest premiums that is offered by Auronum

The prices below are Auronum's live offers to buy 1827 Sovereigns and show valuations of Sovereigns from this period. Simply call 0800 975 1012 to lock a live price to sell. The valuations above will change with the underlying Gold spot price and so may differ very slightly from the price offered when speaking to our Trade Desk

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